February 1st is the 25th anniversary of the first posting of The Suburban Jungle (Starring Tiffany Tiger), and what a long, strange trip it’s been. XD To commemorate, and also just because it’ll be cool and fun, this year I’ll be releasing Suburban Jungle: Remixed, a retelling/redraw of Tiffany’s story as I would do it now. Regular subscribers to my Patreon have already seen WIPs and early-release pages, and I gotta say, I’m excited for this! 😀 And now, some Q&A…

What the Format? What the Schedule? Will There Be Books?

The new comic will be in “comic pages” format, generally featuring stories 5-15 pages long, with some stand-alone gag pages, possibly in 4koma format to make them easy to spot. 😉 As for the schedule, I’m not sure yet. The target is to have issue 1 in physical form at AnthroCon in July thanks to the crisp and lovely people at Furplanet, which means 22 pages in four months! (Meep!) So I’ll probably post about a page a week. For now let’s go with “Posts Thursdays, except when it doesn’t.”

How Long Will It Run?

I don’t know yet! My current guess is four issues, but it depends where the muse takes me.

Is It Just Redoing the Same Strips, or What?

It uses the same launching point, but will have changes to reflect how my ideas and interests have changed over the years, as well as shuffling story elements around to make them fit better instead of feeling grafted together like I was just tossing in whatever seemed like a good idea at the time (spoiler alert: I totally was). Most of the original comic’s high points will still be there, but they might be expressed differently, or show up in a different form than they did before. I do know that Yin’s trips to “The Village” will probably not be a thing in this version, nor will there be as many “extended cameos” by characters from other comics. The line between “tribute” and “appropriation” is a fuzzy one, and it’s best if I back away from that abyss.

What About “Canon”? Does This “Replace” the Original Suburban Jungle?

The original comic will be staying up at SuburbanJungleClassic.com, I’m not going all Lucas on it by any stretch. 😉 But I mean this is Suburban Jungle we’re talking about, canon has always been a bit wibbly-wobbly. “Canon” only really matters in as much as it impacts future stories, and nothing in this comic is going to invalidate what’s in Rough Housing, so it shouldn’t make a difference. At the end of the day, pick the one you like. 🙂 Since this new version better reflects who I am now, it’s probably the version I am more likely to build on in the future, assuming I do.

Speaking of Rough Housing…?

Rough Housing is still a go, but on the back burner while this takes all of my focus. Hopefully the boost of creative energy this is giving me will spill over into getting that done too! I want to finish Charity’s story, the poor gal deserves it. XD